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Welcome to exhibitor registration page of Seoul Living Design Fair.

The page will activate detailed application pages once you fill out basic exhibitor information.

Terms and Conditions

1. Definitions
‘Exhibitor’ refers to company, organization, or person who submitted application form and paid the exhibition fee to participate in the exhibition. ‘Exhibition’ refers to SEOUL LIVING DESIGN FAIR 2025. ‘Organizer’ refers to Design House Inc.

2. Allocation of Stand Area
The organizer allocates the stand area and the stand location based on the categories. If necessary, the organizer can change the allocation before set-up period with notice. Such changes belong to the organizer’s rights. The exhibitor cannot require reimbursement for the result of the changes.

3. Application and Terms of Payment
The application form should be submitted to Seoul Living Design Fair Office in Design House Inc. Upon approval of participation by Design House, invoice will be issued. Participation fee should be paid within the payment deadline.

4. Payment Details
The booth fee includes exhibition space rental, 24-hour outside security service, passage cleaning, and various promoting expenses.

5. Setting-up and Dismantling
Setting-up and dismantling should be completed within the period regulated by the organizer. Each exhibitor is responsible for the disposal of the waste he/she creates both during the setting-up and dismantling periods as well as during Seoul Living Design Fair itself.
The exhibitor is responsible for any loss and damage caused by the delay of dismantling.

6. Information for the Organizer
The Exhibitor should provide the information of exhibition and construction details to the organizer, as well as the information for advertising and promoting, so that the organizer knows whether the booth condition is consistent with the regulations.

7. Insurance, Security, and Safety
The exhibitor can insure all substrates and exhibits during setting-up and dismantling periods. The organizer would surveil objects in the exhibition to prevent loss or damage, but is not responsible for the reimbursement. Lightings and all the materials for exhibition should be fireproofed. For safety reasons, the organizer can limit the installation.

8. Exhibition Management
Activities of the exhibitor cannot leave his/her assigned area. The exhibitor should exhibit the objects and place the resident agent in the booth during the open hours.

9. Exhibit Sales
The purpose of the exhibition is to demonstrate the exhibitor’s product or service, and to promote them. The exhibitor is allowed with the sales activities in the exhibition area, however, sale by subscription is preferred. In addition, taxes and any other details belong to the responsibility of the exhibitor.

10. Risk
The exhibitor is responsible for exhibit’s loss and damage, or any kind of injury, and cannot require reimbursement to the organizer.

11. Cancellation and Penalty
If the exhibitor cancels his/her application, he/she should pay the penalty as follows within 15 days after cancellation. After the deadline, the application fee is deducted by the penalty. If the paid penalty exceeds the amount, it would be returned. If the payment is not enough, it should be additionally paid.
< Cancellation or reduction of booth scale by June 30, 2024: 20% of the application fee >
< Cancellation or reduction of booth scale after July 1, 2024: 50% of the application fee >
< Cancellation or reduction of booth scale after September 30, 2024: 80% of the application fee >
< Cancellation or reduction of booth scale after November 1, 2024: 100% of the application fee >

12. Cancellation by Organizer
If the exhibitor rejects to utilize part (or all) of assigned area, or if the exhibition fee is not paid within the deadline, the organizer can cancel the participation of the exhibitor.

13. Alternation of Exhibition
If inevitable, the organizer can change the date or venue of the exhibition. The exhibitor cannot require reimbursement for such changes.

14. Supplementary Regulations
If necessary, the organizer can override the supplements that are not specified in the participation rules, and the exhibitor should comply with them. Also, the exhibitor should comply with the regulations of Design House Inc.

15. Resolution of Conflict
Any conflict between the organizer and the exhibitor follows the judgment by the Korean Commercial Arbitration Board, and he/she cannot sue against the judgment.
* By signing and submitting this form, we confirm that you’ve read the terms and conditions enclosed in this document carefully and agree with it.
* The stand and contract will not be guaranteed and confirmed if the payment is not made by the deadline.

Consent to collection and use of personal information

■ The purpose of the collection and use of personal information

Seoul Living Design Fair secretariat collects personal information for the following purposes.
Personal identification of an applicant for proceeding and managing the process of ordering booth and facilities, providing with all exhibition and conference related services including business matchmaking program etc.
Handling complaint, resolution of dispute, and fulfillment of legal obligation
Providing marketing and event information - advertisement for event and event transfer, hold or frequency of the statistics of service members

■ Items to Be Collected/Used
Items collected: name, login ID, password, phone number, e-mail address, access logs, cookies, IP information

■ Right to Refuse to Agree and Disadvantage upon any Refusal to Agree
Since the consent to collection/use of the mandatory information is essential for opening Seoul Living Design Fair event, the participation can be continued only when the applicant agrees to the above conditions.

■ Retention/Use Period
Personal information above is retained and used for the aforementioned purposes from the date the applicant agrees to its collection/usage to the date that the applicant close the account and upon the applicant's request to do so.

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